Ash Fiasco is a visual artist who practices in fiber based sculpture and digitally illustrated bindings. Her zines are in the permanent collections of both the Cleveland Museum of Art and MOCA Cleveland, and she has shown work in the Irving Stone Gallery, Morgan Conservatory, Praxis, Waterloo Arts, Reinberger Gallery, and the Loren Naji Studio Gallery (Cleveland, OH). When she is not in the studio she works as a Creative Production Specialist at American Greetings.


My work is focused on the hauntings of traumatic, abusive, and neglectful moments. These shadows create a virus of cyclical aggression and bitterness, which plague individuals throughout the course of their lives. I often play with psychological landscapes of a person who has experienced abuse and neglect. This person has consequently had difficulty in coping, and feels a sense of alienation in public settings.

I allow the materiality of my work to create meaning within each piece. I craft objects from paper, silks, and delicate yarns of linen and mohair to visually lead viewers to themes of fragility. Soft touch objects are reminiscent to comfort, while manipulated objects display distortion and the abjection. Items are easy for viewers to identify, showing stability. However, the material of the pieces are still flimsy and insubstantial, touching on an inability to focus, difficulty in handling, and vulnerability. Each piece operates as a couplet, uniting a very specific event or memory in the form of a title with a reimagined artifact. This allows for the opportunity for the viewer to see the residue left from the event.